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G. Douglas Barrett


In Violin Tuned D.E.E.D. a single note is replaced from Bruce Nauman’s 1969 video piece Violin Tuned D.E.A.D., a work in which the artist, standing alone in his studio in front of a camera, repeatedly plays the open strings of a retuned violin for nearly an hour. In my work, Nauman’s studio-based musical death pronouncement is reframed as both a public performance and a video installation. The artist’s musical half-joke/meta-statement is retuned again, recast as a meditation on the actional component of the concert situation and its mediation, inviting a consideration of the issues of property, ownership, and labor currently relevant to music and its institutions.

Performed by Thomas Chiu
Duration: 56 minutes


G. Douglas Barrett (b. 1981) is an artist/composer working often with performance and various forms of mediation (text, notation, scores, recording technologies, video). His work draws from the experimental music tradition as well as strategies taken from discursive and post-conceptual practices. He has been a guest at numerous international festivals of contemporary music and recently curated an evening-length performance program entitled A Few Silence, A Place or Two, Some Applause, intended to addresses the concert situation as technologically mediated site for embodied, social and institutionalized listening.