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Chris Cuellar

Diapason Jukebox (Tactical Archiving #1)

An audio ‘mixtape’ of works from the Non-Cochlear Sound exhibition will be captured and uploaded to YouTube, along with incidental video documenting the exact physical context in which the content is uploaded.

Each video will be uploaded onto a single YouTube user channel, which will represent and catalog the project as a whole, remaining on the service indefinitely after the conclusion of the exhibition. All footage is to be taken and timestamped immediately prior to the uploading of each individual work (or section of the work). Only video gathered specifically from this project will be uploaded onto the channel; any other artist-sanctioned or professional documentation will not be included. All works will be labeled and credited exactly as they are in the show, along with some additional information detailing the date and time of capture. Once uploaded, all content will be subject to YouTube’s Terms of Service, which essentially grants the service and each of its users a non-exclusive license to reproduce, re-distribute or modify the content.

The performance is considered finished once all of the materials in the playlist have been uploaded. Each of these works will then be made viewable in the Diapason gallery for the remainder of the exhibition as a YouTube video playlist.


Chris Cuellar is an artist currently based in the American midwest and a recent graduate of the MFAW program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work explores the ongoing radical transformation of culture by technological trends in social networking and information distribution. Recent works are on view at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago IL, Diapason Gallery in Brooklyn NY, and online in various forms and channels.